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Testimonials For Baby Music and Path to Music Mastery

I have 2 children that joined baby music class. They were about 2 years old when they started the class. Now, one is 9 years old and the other one is 4 years old. Both are enrolled in individual class at Mandeville Music with Teacher Ping.

Baby Music has shaped my children about music in a lot of ways.

One of the things that we enjoyed was learning the different type of music associated with the composer. Amazingly, it was fairly easy for the children to understand.

Caden (9 years old) won 1st prize at the Mandeville Piano Competition in 2015 and is preparing for his Grade 8 piano examinations in 2016. Carson (4 years old) has been taking individual classes since January 2015 and has been making a tremendous improvement for the past 1 year. Both of them enjoys playing and listening to many types of music.

I believe Baby Music classes have helped my children to increase their knowledge and interest in music at such a young age. Initially, I started my eldest in Baby Music by "accident" – location was close-by, timing was good, and I was bored at home. In short, I was not serious in music at all. I even thought that my child would only be learning music for a few months. And oh... How time flies, it has been 7 years ago since we started and we have not stopped at all. I am so glad I made that decision to enrolled him to the class and continued it all the way.

Claudia Illiadi

Joachim is 14 years old now and he was fortunate to be one of the pioneers of Baby Music and Drama programme where he began his musical journey at the age of two. He continues his journey to study music in The Purcell School, UK today.

The baby music programme was captivating, inspiring, energetic and enriching too. I still have memories of the wonderful time we had together, enjoying and learning music, and also strengthening our parent and child bonding at every session. We had fun dancing and moving with catchy tunes, touching and playing with simple musical instruments, and messing and creating art work with bunch of gigantic cartoon crochets and minims. Famous children musical works 'Peter and the Wolf' and great composers like Mozart and Beethoven were also introduced creatively.

Joachim was always looking forward to each session and he graduated performing 'Mary had a little lamb' and 'Hot cross bun' on the piano for the class. It was his first dressed up performance at that time and today, Joachim is still having this passion of playing the piano and sharing musical ideas with others through performances. We believe that it is an interesting and exciting one to experience and explore in nurturing musical interest in your child!

Note: Joachim has gone on to win numerous piano competitions, and was accepted to The Purcell School in UK without a Grade 8 piano certificate.

Irene Lim

My children, Aiden and Sophie, started Baby Music with Teacher Ping when they were 4 and 2 respectively. They are now 10 and 8. Baby Music was instrumental to them falling in love with Music! The best thing of all is that the programme pitches musical training for young children at a HIGH level, and the children learn it without a problem!

My children, from young, has learnt (and are still learning) that they are capable of great things BUT there are no short cuts to success and "Practice Makes Perfect". 

Today, my children take pride in being able to rush to the piano every time they hear something they like and play it by out after a couple of tries. Sophie has found it much easier to pick up the violin, and I think they enjoy life more because they enjoy music at a deeper level than a casual listener. We expect music to build their character and enrich their lives, and the programme has not failed us. Thank you, Teacher Ping!

Joanna Loh

We started out at the Baby Music class conducted by Teacher Ping as an activity to keep our 2 year old occupied. We never imagined that my girl ended up enjoying music and decided to pursue it enthusiastically.

Teacher Ping’s class is fun and encouraging. There is no right or wrong in her class. What matters is that the child tries. As a parent, I also benefitted from her approach to music.

Through the years, Teacher Ping has led by example and shown us that music is beyond reading notes and counting beats. Music is fun, collaborative and can be used to serve the community. We are privileged to be involved in some of her community projects.

We sincerely hope that Teacher Ping will continue to ignite the spark in children and encourage them to embark on the journey of music.


I have 3 kids who underwent Baby Music.  Each of them was 2 when they enrolled.  Today, they are aged 11, 8 and 3.

Baby Music brings “lofty” aspects classical music (eg composers, instruments, styles) down to very age-appropriate activities. The children particularly remember touching or “mauling” some orchestra instruments in class.  They also realized how music can influence what they feel and how it can emote their senses.

By repeating some of the activities at home or even re-playing the songs introduced, the children realise that music moves the soul or body!  Baby Music provides an early foundation if they wish to pick up some instrument on their own at 3 or 4 years’ old.

We are pleased with how fun Baby Music has been for them, and yet as well a comprehensive introduction to the wide body of music appreciation!

Karen Cheng

Teacher Ping is a wonderful and dedicated piano teacher. She is very experienced and has a deep love in music and people. She has been teaching my daughter piano one-on-one for the past 8 years. A very talented professional with in-depth music knowledge and capacity for teaching.

She uses different approaches in teaching different pieces. She is able to teach each new piece in a very effective way. Teacher Ping never compromises the quality of how the piece is being played. She will push you to do your utmost best with each piece you learnt.

My daughter enjoys Teacher Ping’s lessons very much. She not only benefitted from learning piano, but also has a great love in listening and creating her own music.

Mrs Yap

I'm delighted to share my heartfelt testimonial for Teacher Ing, who has been a phenomenal piano teacher for my daughter, Bethany. Teacher Ing's teaching journey with Bethany began in the Baby Music class when she was just 3 years old, and it has been an incredible experience ever since.
What sets Teacher Ing apart is her ability to make piano lessons not only educational but also fun and engaging. She uses a range of creative tools like stickers, funny stories, and toys to make learning enjoyable and natural for Bethany. As a result, Bethany eagerly looks forward to her lessons.
Teacher Ing's commitment goes beyond the classroom. She faithfully sends me videos of Bethany's lessons, which has been incredibly helpful, especially since I lack a piano background. This support allows me to follow up with Bethany's practice effectively.
Teacher Ing is an outstanding music educator who has not only nurtured Bethany's piano skills but also instilled a deep passion for music. We highly recommend Teacher Ing to anyone seeking a dedicated and caring teacher who makes learning music a joyful experience. Thank you, Teacher Ing, for your exceptional guidance and mentorship!

Crystal Choppara

Caleb was 2 years old when he joined Teacher Ing’s baby music class. As a first time mum, Teacher Ing has been very assuring and patient in guiding Caleb’s learning, especially the bubble moment that got him so excited! Teacher Ing has also made every lesson very creative using puppets, toys and shared with me his progress through videos. Over the past 5 years, I have witnessed how he has build up his confidence through Piano Mastery Class and the Mastery Concert.
It has been a blessing for Caleb to meet Teacher Ing who has been so inspiring during his music journey and always believe that he can always do better. Thank you Teacher Ing!

Shirley Ang

My son, Jacob joined Baby Music Class when he was 3 years old. The class was conducted in a very fun manner, and the room is always full of energy!

Teacher Ing is amazing with kids. She puts in effort to understand the child, and will customize the class to Jacob’s interest. Her teaching methods are innovative, effective, and she is also very patient and encouraging!

I always look forward to receiving video/photo updates from Teacher Ing and I am constantly amazed by Jacob’s progress in music!

We were very lucky to have found Teacher Ing, and I would highly recommend Teacher Ing to all parents!!

Anne Pang

The baby music program run by Joey Loh is a fantastic program that let our daughter get exposure to music yet has a lot of fun while doing so. The program introduces rhythm, melody, and even some aspects of music theory to the children in an innovative way that encourages the children to want to learn and enjoy the process. 

One of the nice aspects of this is also parent participation, which makes it a good bonding session for the child and parent.

Our daughter looks forward to attending this class every week, and some of the songs learnt from the class has become amongst her favorite.

All in all, highly recommended as a great means to introduce music to the little ones and to have some fun in the process.

Liew Pui Yee

Johanna started her baby music class when she was barely 2 years old with Teacher Joey. She enjoyed the programme tremendously. The class is fun and very engaging, giving every child the opportunity to love & appreciate music from very early age.

She then continued on to baby graduate class when she really started playing some songs with keyboard.

Overall I'm impressed that 'the basic skills' she learnt in baby music & baby graduate class has helped her in her music journey so far. I believe we have chosen the right programme from the start!


Testimonials For Theory Accelerated and One-On-One Classes

Teacher Ping has been teaching my 10 year old daughter for about 5 years. An experienced piano teacher who is highly talented, her weekly lesson is always fun and interesting.

She teaches with patience while imparting great musical knowledge and techniques to my daughter. My daughter is currently preparing for her Grade 8 practical exam and recently obtained a distinction for her grade 5 theory exam and the credit definitely goes to Teacher Ping for her comprehensive lessons and concise notes.

We are really thankful to have found a dedicated and inspiring teacher!

Charis Wong

Teacher Amelia is a gem. Her bubbly personality makes piano lessons so enjoyable for Kaleb. Kaleb started his individual lessons with her just before he turned 4. She is able to explain the technicalities in a way that a young child understands. She always places the interests of her students in the first place. She goes the extra mile, putting in extra hours to prepare Kaleb for the Performers' Festival, in which Kaleb emerged a platinum winner, the top prize awarded in the festival. I can never thank her enough for her efforts in nurturing Kaleb into a child who loves and enjoys music. 

In Kaleb's words, you are a very kind teacher 🙂 


Angela Lim

Testimonials For Teacher's Training

The Baby Music Course is truly an amazing experience for me as a music teacher and a mother of 2 young girls. The course has exposed me to innovative, engaging and fun ways to teach music to very young children. Through singing, activities, games and stories, young children learn about music (instruments, theory, keyboard skills) in a stimulating and positive environment.

Prior to the course, my experience with teaching was limited to children ages 3+ and above. It was an eye-opener for me to see how even younger children can be taught in such a systematic manner.

I personally tried experimenting with some of the ideas I’ve obtained through the course with my elder daughter (she’s 2.5 years old), and the results were astounding. While formal instructions were not as effective on her, a change to a more fun approach resulted in a huge difference in the learning.

Through the course, I have seen the importance of a fun-filled environment and a structured syllabus which is tailored for the needs of young children. It has made me understand how to better encourage and motivate children so that they will grow to love and appreciate music. The result? Happier children, happier parents and a happier teacher! I would definitely strongly recommend this course to music educators keen on early childhood education and parents!


I gained confidence in teaching young children between 18 months - 3 year’s old - including how to make impromptu decisions. The program changed the way I teach music – I see things from the students’ point of view and gained patience and understanding.

Ms Lee

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