Our trainers have a wealth of teaching experience and have worked with thousands of children with different personalities and characteristics.

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Goo Chui Ping is also known as Teacher Ping to her students and their parents.

Gregarious, flamboyant, serious, disciplined, strict, fun, and more…

She is well-able to communicate her ideas and knowledge to children of different backgrounds. She even knows how to splutter a few lines of Mandarin, although she is far more conversant in English, Malay and Animal Sounds.  

Chuah Ing Ing has designed pre-school music programs for kindergartens throughout Singapore.

Besides collecting accolades of achievements from the primary schools and kindergartens that she has worked with, she is a highly qualified Teacher Trainer with experience in early childhood education, Jazz Orff, Orff Schulwerk, Kodaly and Dalcroze pedagogies. 

Compassionate, Humorous, Inspiring, Lovable and Dynamic!

She has a knack of creating an action-packed environment, with loads of laughter and a subtle touch of discipline!

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Winnie Phang is someone with a high-energy work ethic and a high-octane voice!

Her love for children makes her a natural at working with kids as young as 18 months old. She is very sharp and experienced at creating suitable environments for the kids and parents to learn music.

Helpful, conscientious, affable, exuberant and reliable.

She enjoys collaborating with other creative artists, particularly ballet dancers and any child that loves music!

Lim Ching Ching was a naturally shy kid who used music as a way to express herself – now she’s all about passing that passion to her students, helping them nurture a life-long love for music!

Her teaching methodology is customised to each child, creating stellar results for her students.

Creative, fun, compassionate and loves the challenge of working with any child.

She also is a talent-spotter, after all, she was talent-spotted herself!

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Amelia Wong is an energizer bunny, always on the go to find something adventurous for her students. She seeks the thrill of having her students come out of their comfort zone and loves to see them shine.

She has the ability to make kids squeal with delight when they get a chance to peek at her in her studio.

Kind, bold, loving, imaginative and humorous.

She is well-known for building up music stars, many of the children have won competitions and scoring distinctions in the music examinations.

Low Hui Xin loves to work with kids. A mother of two, she has learnt to teach violin to the most challenging of all kids… her own kid!

Funny, spontaneous, creative and loving.

She has amassed a huge range of ways to motivate children how to play the violin with her crisp instructions that don’t sound like orders coz she knows how to deliver her lines with enthusiasm and humour!

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Melanie Chan loves to tell stories to help kids understand and love music. She believes that all kids are unique and have their own way and pace of learning. 

Her patience is legendary. That is because she is a lifelong learner and understands that all kids, including herself, be given the safe space to have a fulfilling learning experience.

This is Melanie – Patient, Nurturing, Curious and Creative!

Renee Lau loves to use the latest technology know-how and apps to convey her teaching points to kids.  She believes it is important that kids experience music beyond the four walls of a music studio.

She is a prolific creator and has published music-based children books so that kids can develop a deeper love for music.

R – Resourceful
E – Empowering
N – Nurturing
E – Energetic
E – Engaging

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We are committed to train a community of talented and passionate teachers. Our Teachers-in-Training are chosen to join our team because of their love for people, their responsible attitude and their passion to learn and share their music knowledge.

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