Theory Accelerated Grade 5 program

For students who wish to take the ABRSM higher grade (6 to 8) practical examinations, we developed a curriculum known as the Theory Accelerated program.

The aims of this course:

  • To give a basic understanding of the theories behind classical music
  • To provide a foundation for advanced theory classes
  • To develop a love for composing music
  • To enhance visual and logical skills, necessary to read music effectively



12- 18 months to complete the syllabus and become exam-ready


  • Average student age when starting this course is 9 years old, although there are exceptions where younger students are able to handle the course
  • Able to play a musical instrument at a proficient level of at least ABRSM Grade 3 levels
  • Able to read basic music notes on a score

Students can choose to learn in a group or one-on-one setting

Theory Accelerated Grade 5 Program

Theory Accelerated

30 minutes weekly sessions in a group

$150 per month

One-on-one 30 minutes weekly sessions

12 – 18 months course

$240 per month