Teacher’s Training

Transform the way you teach music!

Do you want to teach younger children? Or find new ways to teach and develop your skills?

This training program is designed to get you fully trained and confident to teach children from 1-3 years old using the Teacher Ping curriculum.
By the end of the training you be able to teach toddlers their first year of music!

The training includes lesson plans, modules, and step-by-step guidance to introduce toddlers to the world of music.

There are 3 tiers of training to choose from:

Basic Training - $800

Learn the curriculum and build your teaching foundation! Gain confidence and the step-by-step approach to teaching toddler’s music.

What’s included:

  • Hands-on workshop over 3 days
  • The teaching kit and curriculum:
  • Music scores
  • Orientation and Workshop
  • Syllabus (33 lesson plans covering a 9 month period)
  • Student books
  • 2 Baby Music storybooks

Full Training - $1400

The full training packages includes everything in the basic training, PLUS:

Sit-in & intern classes

  1. Observe and attend 4 consecutive classes for 1 month
  2. Intern 1 class with mentor for 1 month
  3. Video record your own class and receive feedback

Accredited Teacher Ping Teacher

Become a life-learner and part of the Teacher Ping community:

  • Apprentice under Teacher Ping and teach at the Teacher Ping Music School
  • Become a Teacher Ping member and receive a life-time worth of training. Attend monthly workshops as many times as you like
  • Join an online support group and community

Teaching Props – $300

A4 or A3 size laminated/foam posters of characters used in the Baby Music syllabus.

Need more information? Give me a call!