Baby Group Classes

Baby Music Classes

A place where babies learn the joys of music through fun and play.
Music programs for toddlers and parents: 15 months – 4 years old where children:

  • Build social skills and team-work
  • Learn independence
  • Learn focus
  • Develop their learning strengths
  • Experience the power of music in their lives
  • Strengthen their child and parent/caregiver relationship
  • Understand what music is all about
  • Play the keyboard!
  • for kids ages 15 months to 36 months
  • Up to 8 kids per class
  • 45 minutes per weekly session
  • A 9 months program

$450 per term of 3 months

Focuses on building a strong musical foundation where parents and caregivers join the fun.

Children will be given space to:

  • Stand Out and Be Heard!
  • Listen to instructions
  • Identifying detailed features in music
  • Recognizing Music Notes and Symbols
  • Play a tune on the keyboard
  • Experiencing how music communicates
  • Gain experience and confidence

Children who wish to enjoy the curriculum and are out of the age range (15 months to 3 years old) – please contact me directly for a chat to find out the best way for your child to learn music

  • for LEVEL 1 graduates and kids ages 3 to 4+ years old
  • Up to 5 kids per class
  • 30 minutes per weekly session
  • A 9 months program
  • Hands-on keyboard experience

$450 per term of 3 months

This Keyboard course prepares graduates for personal one-to-one piano studies.

  • Learn self-discipline
  • Play tunes on the keyboard
  • Learn hand posture
  • Gain finger control and improved motor skills
  • Learn detailed note recognition
  • Develop a singing voice and learn to sing in pitch
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Hi, I’m Teacher Ping and I’m committed to offering the very best one-on-one and group music classes to children while helping parents and teachers to support and nurture children on their musical journey.
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