How much does it cost?
The fee depends on the class:


Piano, Violin, Theory and Aural Lessons

  • 30 mins lesson: $240 per month
  • 45 mins lessons: $360 per month
  • 60 mins lessons: $480 per month

**Lessons are on a weekly basis

Diploma Lessons

  • 60 mins lessons: $600 per month

**Lessons are on a weekly basis



Baby Music Classes

  • $150 per month

*Course duration: 9 months
**Lessons are on a weekly basis

Piano/Violin/Aural/ Theory Group Lessons

  • $150 per month

*Course duration: From 6 months onwards
**Lessons are on a weekly basis


There is a one-time registration fee ($40) for all new students and after that, fees are paid by term (every 3 months).

If you would like to pay every monthly, please contact us – we allow monthly instalments under special circumstances. If you join in the middle of the school term, the fees are prorated for the term.

Term 1: January to March

Term 2: April to June

Term 3: July to September

Term 4: October to December


When do the classes take place?

For baby music classes, we have a fixed, recurring schedule. Once you enrol in a class of your choice, it will be the same day and time every week.

For individual classes, we will agree the dates with you on enrolment.

There are no classes during school holidays or public holidays.


How many classes are there a year?

The academic year begins on the first school day after New Year’s Day. There are 45 lessons in the school year. 

For one-one-one classes, it’s 39 individual classes and 6 mastery classes, including an end of year concert.


How do we pay?

The fees are incurred every 3 months, with a one-time registration fee of $40. We will set up the payment process once you enrol.


What happens if we miss a class or need to cancel?

For baby music or group classes, there’s no replacement classes. Once we have agreed schedules, all dates are set.

For individual classes, you have 4 “make-up credits” per year. These credits allow you to reschedule your class (subject to the teacher’s availability). Any changes need to be communicated.

To receive a “make-up credit”, you need to login via mymusicstaff.com and select the class that you are unable to attend. Please notify us at LEAST 3 HOURS prior to class time, otherwise we are unable to provide a make-up credit. 

The credits expire and need to be used within the academic year. They are non-transferable and non-refundable.

If a teacher changes the time slot, you will be given a make-up credit.


What happens if we join mid-way through the term or program?

We pro-rate the school fees. Thereafter, the full amount of fees are payable.


Will you help my child pass examinations?

While we do have the aural training and theory accelerated classes to help children prepare for ABRSM higher grade (6 to 8) practical examinations, we sparingly use exams as our prime motivation.

In our years of teaching music, we have found yearly exams often kill children’s passion and musical interest.

Our goal is to develop a life-long love and affinity for music, so in the absence of exams, we create goals such as the Mastery Concert where they perform on stage the music they love and excel in.

Occasionally, that love then translates to exams, with the kids themselves asking for the exams, instead of the parents.


Do you offer house calls and off-site classes?

No. We believe in using group synergies to help children build confidence and musical talent, even with our one-on-one program. Our Mastery classes are group sessions, where kids of similar playing levels group together and learn to overcome their fears, self-doubt, and to persevere as they prepare to perform in public of the final 6th mastery class. Mastery group sessions are a healthy break from the routine of weekly one-on-one lessons. It has proven successful in sustaining the child’s music interest in the long run.


Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, you can trial a single session for $60. Just contact us and let us know you would like a trial 

Trials include baby music group classes and 30 mins individual sessions..