Teacher’s Training

Transform the way you teach music!

Do you want to teach younger children? Or find new ways to teach and develop your skills?

This training program is designed to get you fully trained and confident to teach children from 1-3 years old using the Teacher Ping curriculum. By the end of the training you will be able to teach toddlers their first year of music!

The training includes lesson plans, modules, and step-by-step guidance to introduce toddlers to the world of music.

About me & the program

Teaching toddlers completely transformed my life as a music teacher. I found joy, connection and enthusiasm for my work again.

Over the 20 years of teaching, I created a syllabus that’s helped hundreds of children excel. Now I want to share the curriculum with you!

Teacher Ping music school prides itself on creating the best environment for kids, parents and teachers to thrive. You’ll love the learning experience and will leave with the tools to teach with confidence and joy.

You will learn to:

  • Teach young children through play
  • Inspire parents to get involved
  • Create results with children and parents
  • The skills to implement the curriculum
  • A more joyful approach to teaching


  • A desire to learn
  • A love for people
  • Able to play the music scores provided

There are 2 tiers of training to choose from:

Basic Training


Learn to teach babies as young as 15 months old! This intro package is great for learning the techniques and the curriculum.

Full Training


Gain the confidence to teach, learn new skills, and become a certified Teacher Ping educator!

Basic Training

Learn the curriculum and build your teaching foundation! Gain confidence and the step-by-step approach to teaching toddler’s music.


There are 3 levels of training and each level must be completed before proceeding to the next:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

Cost of training: $300 per level

Duration of training: 9 hours per level

What’s included at each level:

  • Hands-on workshop over 3 days
  • The teaching kit and curriculum comprising of:
    1. Music Scores
    2. Teaching Syllabus with detailed Lesson Plans
    3. Audio-Visual files
    4. Baby Music student books
The Workshop Training – Over 3 Days


Pre-training workshop preparation:
Once you sign up to the training, I will send you the music scores beforehand so you can get the most of the workshop. This is for you to practice as homework and takes approx. 1 hour. After the preparation you will be in the best possible position to absorb all the training over the next 3 days.

Programme Schedule
Monday to Wednesday: 9am – 12pm

What’s covered during the workshop:

  • Understanding the why’s and purposes of each lesson
  • Learn to teach in a group setting
  • Possibilities of new and variants of teaching styles
  • Creating an environment that’s safe for experiential learning
  • Creating a Songs Bank
  • Using games and props to teach
  • How to engage effectively with the kids and parents

Full Training

The full training + One Year Membership + Certification

Want to develop your music teaching skills, apprentice with Teacher Ping and join a supportive community?

The full training and accreditation package includes everything in the basic training, PLUS:


  1. Observe and attend 4 baby music classes for 1 month
  2. Intern 1 class with mentor for 1 month
  3. Video record your own class and receive weekly coaching for 9 months


  • Get added to the Teacher Ping directory so parents can find you!
  • Access all workshops at a discounted rate for life-long learning
  • Join an online support group and community
  • Receive invites to participate and collaborate in concerts
  • Gain interview and features opportunities

Teaching Props – $300

A4 or A3 size laminated/foam posters of characters used in the Baby Music syllabus.

Need more information?

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