Hi, I’m Teacher Ping.

I have been teaching music for 20 years and I developed a fun and simple (some say ingenious!) curriculum to nurture children to have a talent and love for music, starting as young as 15 months old.

Children have a natural affinity for music, so when music is taught in a way that’s natural to their instincts, the results are miraculous!

I believe music can be used as a tool to help children be the best they can be as a human being, and I’m committed to offering the very best one-on-one and group music classes while helping parents and teachers work with kids to unlock their potential.

My mission is to have every child to experience a loving, fun and creative musical journey.

To do that, as well as teaching children, I work to change the mind-set’s of adults.

Many people believe the best way to teach is through fear. This way of teaching is very common in Singapore and I believe it’s outdated and doesn’t work for everyone.

Teaching with love can get results and provides the most fulfilling journey for the teacher, parent and child.

I want to inspire adults by leading from example, and to support adults to provide the best environment for their loved ones to thrive.

My Story

When I first started as a teacher, I was egotistical, a strict taskmaster and a perfectionist. I was good at music and expected students to be just as good.

I was stressed, bad-tempered, impatient and uncompassionate. Students did well in their exams, but were terrified of me.

I felt drained and unhappy, and complaining was second nature.

It was only when I decided to work with 2 year olds that something changed. Those kids were such a bundle of positive, happy energy, there was no way I could be bad-tempered with them.

Through the years working with such young kids, I learnt to love unconditionally and accept each child for who he or she is.

I became open to learning from the children. The children became my most influential teacher.

I would do anything to have a child understand what I was teaching – and that meant discovering new ways of teaching that were creative, colourful and fun.

Today, I enjoy my work with the children so much. The children changed me and I have become in peace with myself. Parents tell me that I am the most patient and big-hearted teacher they have ever come across. I feel grateful that I was given a second chance to redeem myself from my past.

Over the years, and after attending workshops, conferences, and learning from teachers whom I consider to be fantastic, I developed a curriculum that teaches children from as young as 15 months the joys of music.

Through fun and playful methods, children learn to sight read, recognise classical composers like Mozart and Beethoven, and play the keyboard.

Using the Teacher Ping method, I’ve taught hundreds of children who have gone on to develop a great talent, love and appreciation for music!

Part of our profits and 100% of concert net proceeds support Heavenly Home Orphanage.
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Hi, I’m Teacher Ping and I’m committed to offering the very best one-on-one and group music classes to children while helping parents and teachers to support and nurture children on their musical journey.
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