Teacher Ping isn’t just a music school or a collection of talented teachers.

It is a way of looking at things.

We believe in using a positive environment and doing whatever it takes to bring out the best in children.
We put our egos aside to help children (and parents) to learn, grow, laugh and connect.
We also know that not every child learns the same way.
That’s why we teach and communicate in millions of different ways. We’re always experimenting, creating games and new ways of doing things.
We even get you, the parents, involved. Sometimes we act as guides and mentors, helping you to find the best way to support and work with your children.
That’s because music isn’t just about performing and doing well on exams.
Music is about connecting to our passions, abilities and the people around us.
Music is about creating miracles.

The Story Of Zach


One day Zach joined our baby music class. He was three years old and his mama was worried about his ability to interact with the world. He rarely communicated or showed any signs of awareness. Zach’s mama even wondered if music classes were worthwhile. But we encouraged her to join because we’ve witnessed how children respond to the miracles of music!

For weeks Zach attended class with a blank face. Again, his mama worried that nothing could help him. But one day, while Teacher Winnie was clowning around showing musical notes, Zach sat watching and suddenly burst into a fit of laughter. He understood the joke! On top of that, he joined in with the activity. When his mama saw his reaction, she was overwhelmed with emotion and cried tears of joy. It was the first time she saw her son so happy and engaged!

It was a miracle through music and truly what Teacher Ping is all about. 


We have a fun (some say ingenious!) curriculum for teaching babies and kids of all ages.

Our baby music classes are transformational for both parents and children. Not only does it lay a strong musical foundation for the child (who will learn musical notes in no time!) it’s a bonding experience that strengthens the relationship and understanding between parent and child.  

Many of our older students have been with us since they were babies and have gone on to achieve incredible things with their musical talents. We have an incredible path to music mastery program to help kids learn and develop their music talent at any age.